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Welcome to the Symphony support FAQ! > Known issues: general > Why are Asian and non-Latin characters showing up as squares?

Our font engine uses bitmap-rendered versions of each character instead of versions rendered on-the-fly, meaning they take up video memory. This works really well and is much faster than on-the-fly rendering... EXCEPT when dealing with user content. With user content, we need to be able to cover every single case since anything is possible "out there". This is fine with Western alphabet characters, as there is a limited set. Although one could argue a limited set of Asian characters could cover most cases, in our testing we incorporated thousands upon thousands of characters, BLEW through our video memory limits and STILL were missing a lot of characters! This is a curveball we didn't see coming and realized only too late in development (silly us).

The solution will be to switch to "on the fly" rendering of characters, which will require a significant reengineering. Although it's in the plans, it is pretty involved so we are not able to commit to a ship date. We realize this is pretty frustrating but unfortunately there is nothing we can do in the short term.