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Welcome to the Symphony support FAQ! > Known issues: folder scanning, song browsing and tags > The song browser and folder selection interface sucks! Why aren't you using something simple like Beat Hazard and Audiosurf?

We get this comment a lot and apologize for the trouble this has caused! However before we go into details, we wanted to share our thought process because there IS a reason we did things differently. We agree the implementation could have been better, but we tried to push the envelope, and sometimes "the envelope pushes YOU"!

Symphony is doing something that no other game (to our knowledge) has done before: link inventory items to song files. We wanted the link between an item and its song to be very tight. We even planned on having weapon types be linked to the type of song (heavier songs would yield heavier weapons, slower songs would yield more defensive items like health or something).

So with these lofty goals in mind, we spent a lot of time working on algorithms to track individual songs, discard duplicates, and even "remember" songs when they were moved or deleted. ALSO, since the user might have deleted a music file that had a weapon linked to it, we needed to show the weapon in the menu, even though there was no longer a song!

That is the reason we went with this process: first, all given folders are scanned. Then, tags are read in, our algorithms go to work to uniquely identify songs, duplicates are identified and a first-pass filter discards files that are obviously too short. Finally, the user interface shows only unique songs, linked to their specific item.

If we were to create the interface today from scratch, of course it would be MUCH more streamlined and easier to navigate. However bear in mind that the final product evolved through almost 4 years of development, through which the design of the game (and the item/upgrade system itself!) evolved quite a bit. At this point, it is too late to change fundamental things with the interface, but see the next point for tips that may help.